Teeth Straightening without Braces

Teeth Straightening without braces

TRU-LINE™We offer the latest teeth straightening technology with invisible braces - TRU-LINE Invisible Orthodontic System™. This system is suitable for mild to moderate crowding of your teeth, space closure and many other orthodontic problems which can be corrected with a series of appliances custom made and tailored to your particular case.

For most people a series of transparent aligners are issued at regular intervals by your dental professional and the desired teeth are moved slowly before the next aligner is used. Each aligner is worn for about 3 weeks before progressing to the next one. Aligners are worn full time and only removed for eating brushing and flossing. The number of aligners worn vary from case to case, so treatment is customized to suit your particular needs. It will be difficult for anyone to notice you are wearing TRU-LINE™ appliances they are so discreet.

Now nothing comes between your lifestyle and having an incredible smile. TRU-LINE™ offers you comfort, convenience and virtual invisibility during treatment.

  • Remove your TRU-LINE™ aligners for special events
  • Feel more confident everywhere you go
  • Be as active as you like because TRU-LINE™ won't hold you back TRU-LINE™ aligners are very clear and practically invisible, so nothing gets in the way of your new smile. There are no metal wires or bands at all!

TRU-LINE™ invisible orthodontic system can help you have the healthy, straight, beautiful smile you’ve been waiting for!

More details at http://www.trulinedental.com.au.

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